How To Monitor Your Online Brand

Social media monitoring for your online brand and your name ismonitor online brand important.  It always amazes me how many people aren’t set up to keep track of their brand.  Your name is your reputation, and when it’s being used in social media, things can get out of control pretty quickly.  Remember the situation with Pizza Hut where the viral video of employees wound up costing their reputation and hurting sales?

Setting up a Google Alert is free and it’s easy, both good things in my book.

Why would you want to set up an alert?  Let’s say that someone came to your store or used your business services.  Let’s say, for argument’s sake, they felt that they had a bad experience.  How quickly would they post a negative review on ChowBaby, Yelp, or Twitter?  How would you know if they did?  How can you react if you don’t have a way to monitor when something good or bad is said about you?

Monitoring your brand on the Internet:

To set up a google alert, go to  Once there, you can set up multiple alerts.  My experience is that it’s better to set these up independently – so set one up for your personal name, one for your company, one for any key products or employees, another for any important keywords.

social media marketing speaker, new media speaker
Social Media Speaker, New Media Speaker

In addition to using Google Alerts to monitor my brand, I also use them for ideas for blog posts.  By monitoring the conversation and articles posted that are related to keywords that I feel are important, it enables me to keep on top of trends in an industry and that’s always great for blogging.

You can set up alerts as the mentions happen or specify other frequency – such as daily or weekly.  If your inbox gets too full, and the results are too unwieldy, use modifiers to limit your search, or change your keywords to be more specific.

Do you use Google searches already?  Are there other tools you use to monitor your brand online?

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