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Free Website or DIY Website? Are They Worth The Price?

Free Website or DIY Website? Are They Worth The Price?

Jody Raines, Free Website Opinion
Free Websites May Cost More Than You Think

A friend recently posted on Facebook that her new ‘business website‘ has launched.  She proudly asked for all of her friends to come and visit and share what they thought.  The well-meaning friends who complimented her on the site fueled her enthusiastic response that she created the site herself using a free service.   She then offered to ‘create’ websites for her friends who may need a website as well.

While well-intentioned and visible as a website, most small and micro businesses do not realize that there is a mountain of difference between having a website and having an effective website.  Even in discussions with clients, we run into discussions of what constitutes an effective website versus having a brochure online.

If you simply want a place that you can point a prospect to by giving them the web address or URL, then by all means, save money and use a free service.   For the most part, getting a website as a DIY project will save you money, and possibly time if you are working with an inexperienced or slow web designer.  For many businesses who have gone the budget route, they have wound up with a site that was poorly thought through, has non indexible content and pages, and cannot be easily updated.  If you are hopeful to develop a clientele through prospects finding your website online, this is not likely to happen with a Do-it-yourself website.

The difference between a DIY website and one that is professionally produced are manifold.  For example, a web designer will help you determine the navigation for your website.  This is one of the most critical phases and will determine the “user interface” –  in other words, the way that a visitor to your website will navigate to find what they need. A good web design can help the visitor find what they are looking for in the least amount of clicks.   Web dev’s understand that too many clicks will result in a lost opportunity, particularly if the individual cannot find the information they are seeking.

Another problem with DIY websites is that they are not created with an eye to optimizing load time and images.  Certainly pretty images look great, but if the image file is too large, it will increase load time, and if you’ve ever had to wait for a website to load,  you understand that most people won’t!  Check your “bounce” rate using Google Analytics and you will see that there are some pages that have high bounce rates.  One reason could be that the page takes too long to load… Another reason is that the keywords that brought the reader to that page may be inconsistent with the content the prospect is seeking.

One of the most frequent problems I see with DIY websites as well as with professionally created websites is the content.  Most businesses tend to think of their business in terms of the lines they offer.  Most customers think of the business in terms of how it meets their needs.  The problem is when the website navigation is organized in terms that the business thinks makes sense, but becomes difficult to navigate and investigate when it comes to the customers needs.

A good example that comes to mind is a sign company that I worked with.  The owner of ths sign company was frustrated after working with many SEO companies, and spending a lot of money. His website was still buried and not coming up, plus his sales were not coming from the website.   We took a look at the site, and the HOME page was so broad and general that it really did not do a good job of presenting anything.  We discussed the types of businesses who are most profitable for him, and then reworked the navigation to appeal to the customer’s perspective.   Upon re-launch of the site, he saw a huge improvement in inbound leads and business, and was so excited about the transformation of his online business that he became an “inbound marketing consultant” to help others learn what he felt was a winning strategy.

Another example is a small company that manufactures compartmentalized handbags.  The bags are geared towards two different markets – they are oversized and help to organize a lot of items, so they are great as a designer diaperbag, and they are also terrific for the working woman executive to carry a notebook or tablet and other office essentials in fashion.  The navigation did nothing to help these two audiences find the section that appealed to their needs because the navigation was organized by the colors of the product.  Since the product could be used differently regardless of the color, women executives may have been turned off by the diaperbag images, and the mommy buyers could not relate to the business photos.   The solution was to create a navigation that would divide the site by customer use and present the appropriate and compelling images and content for those audiences.

If you’ve ever searched for Homemade Dog Food recipes you may have found this next example client.  When I first started talking with them, they had a website that was so technical I wasn’t sure what they were trying to sell. It turns out it was a supplement and recipes for a feeding system if you wanted to make homemade dog food.  The product makes sense, but if you didn’t know what it was, it would have been difficult to acertain from the picture of a beautiful clean kitchen.  The HOME page now features rotating graphics about the benefits of a great home-made diet from healthy glossy coats to renewed activity and vigor and directs prospects to free recipes that all explain the benefits of adding the nutrients in correct proportions…

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If you are creating your own website, you may save a few bucks at the outset, but in the long run, if you are serious about your business, you will find that the value of having an inbound marketing professional’s insights can make the difference between having a website and having an effective website.

When it comes to understanding new marketing versus traditional marketing, you need someone who can be your expert. Jody Raines is that person.

Honest with highest integrity, Jody will help you understand how to reach your market, and to determine how to improve your business.

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